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Different photographers have different "eyes" for capturing an image. With a background in street and travel photography, I like to capture life as it happens and document things less like a studio director and more like a fly on the wall.

So for events, portraits, family, pet photos, my style is less about "put your arm around that guy and say cheese," and more about capturing a moment in your life so that you can look back and remember it as it happened - naturally. (That said, I can and do take the smile and look at camera shots too, but I want you to be able to remember moments, not just poses).

For restaurant, food, architecture and real estate photography, I take a similar approach - I want to show the life of the place. Even if there are no people in the scene, you should feel like they belong there - like YOU belong there. The little details are what makes it feel energetic, alive and inviting.

I am a contributor to Getty Images and a freelance photographer for My photography has been published in national magazines, websites and advertising campaigns.
I live in Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn.